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The Most Common Tax Mistakes Made By Small Businesses, written by leading tax, financial, and legal experts, gives you the answers to your common questions.


This book is an invaluable resource to help entrepreneurs find and fix the top tax and financial mistakes, protect themselves financially and legally, as well as protect their businesses and assets.

Price: $17.95

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In the Business in a Box: How to Get Tax Compliant & Financially Fit in Your Small Business book, we make your tax and financial elements key parts of your year-long strategy, not just neglected areas of your business that get priority at tax time. We learn how to: 

  • Set up your business properly

  • Track income and expenses, including deductions

  • Get all the financial statements you need for tax season

  • And, for those at the next steps, learn to scale your business. 

When you have all of these tax and financial pieces in place, you can rest assured you are building your business on the best foundation for future success.


Price: $49.95 

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Business in a Box: Your Guide to Start, Grow, and Scale Your Virtual Firm by author Lily Tran can help bookkeeping and tax professionals set up and scale their own successful virtual office. From start to finish, this guide covers it all, including:


  • Selecting the right equipment

  • Marketing your offers to the right people

  • Onboarding clients the right way

  • Building your dream team of employees or contractors

  • Investing in yourself through education and networking


Lily Tran has two decades of experience in accounting, tax, consulting, and advisory services for small business owners and corporations, and has been running her wildly successful virtual office for the past six years. Over the past five years, she has advised dozens of colleagues as they transitioned from corporate jobs to self-employment by creating their own virtual office, and she decided to create this guide to share her strategies with others. 

Price: $19.95

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Introducing the Know Your Numbers: Workbook for Kidz - a magical journey into the world of numbers for your little one!

Introducing the Know Your Numbers: Workbook for Kidz - a magical journey into the world of numbers for your little one!


  • Dive into the world of numbers with this colorful and engaging workbook designed especially for kids ages 3+

  • Counting to 10, this workbook covers it all in a fun and interactive way.

  • Vibrant illustrations and adorable characters make learning numbers a delightful adventure.

  • Practice tracing and writing numbers, building essential fine motor skills for young learners.

  • Activities that make math enjoyable, turning learning into playtime.

  • Packed with coloring pages to keep your child entertained while they learn.

  • A perfect companion for homeschooling or supplementing classroom education.

  • Strengthen your child's foundation in math and prepare them for future success in school.

  • Get your "Know Your Numbers: Workbook for Kidz" today and watch your child's love for numbers grow! Learning has never been so much fun.

Price: $14.95

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Tax Myth Busters Don't Fall Prey to These Tax Misconceptions: Exposing the Truths about the Top Tax Myths  

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Release Date: November 24, 2023

Expert Insights: Each author brings a unique perspective, having excelled in their respective fields, such as tax law, tax planning, accounting, and business consultancy. Their combined experience ensures a well-rounded debunking of the most prevalent tax myths.


Myth-Busting Approach: The book dissects common tax misconceptions, such as “Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Count In My Revenue”  or "Deducting My Fancy Car Is Allowed." The authors provide clear explanations, citing relevant tax laws and case studies to debunk these myths effectively.

Practical Strategies: Going beyond mere myth-busting, the book equips entrepreneurs with actionable strategies to optimize tax planning, maximize deductions, and maintain compliance with the ever-changing tax landscape.

Real-Life Examples: The book integrates real-life stories of entrepreneurs who fell victim to tax myths and suffered consequences. By analyzing these case studies, readers can grasp the importance of informed financial decision-making.

Price: $17.95

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