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Are you one of the thirty million Americans who own and operate a small business? Each year, more and more people are taking the leap to be their own boss and build their own company. In 2010, there were 2.5 million new business applications filed in the U.S. Last year, there were over four million filed before we reached December.


Unfortunately, the majority of these businesses will fail over the first five years of operations - not because the owners lost their passion or drive to succeed, but because they made critical mistakes in areas of taxation, finances, and funding.


Every successful business must have a solid tax, financial, and legal foundation supporting the passion and potential so the organization can grow strong and prosper.


What happens when a company's fundamental financial foundations are unstable? The business owner can experience stress, struggle, and strain, and their business can face tax assessments, audits, financial penalties, or even bankruptcy.


Even though this happens to some people, it doesn't have to happen to you!


The Most Common Tax Mistakes Made By Small Businesses, written by leading tax, financial, and legal experts, gives you the answers to your common questions.


This book is an invaluable resource to help entrepreneurs find and fix the top tax and financial mistakes, protect themselves financially and legally, as well as protect their business and assets.


If you are a small business owner, or thinking of starting a new venture, the information in this book will give you everything you need to have peace of mind around your tax, financial, and legal operations so you can build the business of your dreams on a truly solid foundation.


Includes 12 Business Mistakes Made by Small Businesses with the following contributing authors:


Shawn Harju, Attorney

Kevin Barquest, Insurance Agent

Jamie O’Kane, CPA, CTC

Harley Sherman, CPA

Ellie Nava-Jones, EA

Amber Gray-Fenner, EA, USTCP

Lynn Jacobs, EA, USTCP

Peggy Halsch, CLU®

Jim Gerner, EA, CTC

Lily Tran, EA, CTC, NTPI Fellow


Available in the following stores: 

  • A Book for All Seasons, Leavenworth, WA
  • Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Ravenna, Seward Park, WA 
  •  Pegasus Book Exchange in West Seattle, WA 
  • Village Books & Paper Dreams in Bellingham, WA 
  • Sandbox Bookstore in Moses Lake, WA
  • Books Are Awesome in Parker, Colorado 
  • Country Bookshelf in Bozeman, Montana 


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The Most Common Tax Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

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